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Monday, September 19, 2005

Get Involved!

Following my last post about the lack of decent magazines available in the UK, I recieved a very welcome comment from travelling punk. She is looking for help in any form possible to develop a "non patronising magazine designed to interest and entertain rather than dictate and frustrate". Any help would be greatly appreciated - and I know there are plenty of intelligent, interesting, witty and downright fantabulous people out there who are bursting to get creative and get opinionated!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Pathetic Magazines & stockings and roses

You know what pisses me off? The total lack of intelligent magazines for women available in the UK. All of the monthlies/bi-monthlies/weeklies/crapplies look the same. Shit. Total and utter shit. And, god knows, if any one of these magazines were to even print the word 'feminist' - even in teeny tiny lettering - they would probably spontaneously combust into a massive fiery hell. Or that must be what the editors think, at least. In the US you can buy Bitch, Bust or Ms magazines, yet NOTHING in the UK. Christ, even America is doing better than us here. I'm getting fed up. I want to read a magazine. I want to be able to flick through a few glossy pages every now and then and read funny, interesting, insightful articles about issues that matter to me. And, quite frankly, if I have to walk past the magazine aisle one more time, grinding my teeth whilst biting my lip and trying hard to disguise the steam coming out of my ears, then I just may explode. I found this and it amused me, but then I realised that much of the satirical articles could too easily be mistaken for "real" pieces in the trash that is out there.