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Friday, December 09, 2005

Rude Bits

I love this site. I love how utterly frank the writer is in regarding the ups and downs, the trials and tribulations and the milestones that her and her vagina have encountered. For the majority, women still seem to distance themselves from discussing anything related to their down-there/private-parts/lady-bits/etc (the site's author rather amusingly refers to her own as her "unit"). Adverts tell us that the most important thing about a tampon is that it is discreet and that if - heaven forbid! - it should fall out of your bag, then nobody should realise that it is in fact a tampon. (The question remains: why would you be more embarrassed if twenty sanitary towels fell out of your bag, than if a load of toilet paper fell out instead?). We don't mention periods in public. We are frightened of the social implications of having pubic hair. The list goes on. But why? Why are we filled with shame and disgust regarding our own bodies? Women, girls - let's take back our vaginas! Reclaim what rightly lives between your legs! For too long they have been percieved to be solely for male gratification - but WHY?! Okay, so I don't go in for the whole "ladybits are like a beautiful flower" sort of thing, but I would just like to be able to say "Okay, I have genitalia! Sometimes it has hair, sometimes it does not! Sometimes it is for male sexual gratification, sometimes it is not! Sometimes it is for my own gratification, sometimes it is not! Sometimes it bleeds! Sometimes not! Sometimes it hurts, sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it! But it is mine and I refuse to feel shameful towards it any longer!"