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Monday, January 30, 2006


The topic of rape has cropped up in many blogs of late, with most attacking the idea that "some women just ask for it". I just found this, from a male perspective, and felt it was right on the money.
But most importantly, I am not my cock. Period. I am not my balls. I am not my hormones, my sex drive, or my lust. I am not my cock. I am a man, capable of making decisions, capable of self control, capable of thought, of reason, of love and hate and lust and boredom and choice. My cock obeys my commands, and not the other way around. Guys, you are not your cock either. You have total control and you are not a slave. Don't fall into the trap of believing otherwise.
And, while I'm blog-dropping, Vociferate has a post urging people to not give in to the 'trolls' currently attacking feminist blogs. I've not really suffered from troll-attacks yet (probably because I'm lazy and don't post very often...) but I know that the blogs I love reading are repeatedly bombarded with childish "you're just saying that 'cos you need a good dicking!" comments. Constructive criticism, healthy debate, deconstruction... this is what feminism is based on and is essential for keeping the movement alive. But such irrelevant and empty attacks and insults should have been confined to the previous century. Feminism is not about US versus THEM - and that sort of mentality is harmful to everyone concerned. Attacking feminism and feminists is beyond my comprehension. It just does not seem to MAKE SENSE AT ALL. It merely comes down to, as Andrea puts it, this:
These men troll because they imagine by sending us offensive emails, misspelled comments and linking to our pages encouraging other men to abuse us too they are bringing us down, putting us in our place. These men imagine that by doing this the dominance of their phallus is restored, they abuse and threaten because it gives them a sexual kick to believe they're dominating uppity women.


  • At 1/30/2006 10:41:00 pm, Blogger Laura said…

    What a fabulous guy! Yet how sad is the fact that I think he's fabulous, ie an exception to the norm, - everyone should be like him as he's only speaking the truth *sigh* Good linkage there :-)

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